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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Creativity Residue Of The Human (CROTH) and its deterioration with age

A recent study done by CfNR* has thrown some interesting light on the decreasing levels of out-of-box thinking. Two groups were considered for the study – 3 years olds with no educational background, and 5-year olds attending daily art classes. They were both asked to draw a 3-D shape and a duck.
The results were fascinating. The former group drew impossible shapes with skewed planes and prism-like effects while the latter ones drew perfectly shaded monolithic ones. The ducks were colored in a mosaic pattern by the 3-year olds, while the more experienced ones colored them in white, with yellow webbed feet.
The experiment was repeated with older age groups, showing an increasing deterioration of original thought with age and knowledge. After documenting their findings, the researchers came to the conclusion that before defining the dimensions of the box, out-of-box thinking wasn't so difficult after all.

Moral: Too many books spoil the croth.

*CfNR: Centre for Nonsensical Research